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Data: Septembrie 30, 2011


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Subject: Feedback Timisoara Meeting

From: "Aerts Erik"

Date: Sun, October 2, 2011 4:44 pm

To: Viorica Cursaru

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Dear Viorica, I hope you had a save trip back to Vienna! I herewith want to thank you for your hospitality and inviting me to Tmisoara.

It was my great pleasure to meeting you and I look forward working on other educational events with you.

I highly appriciate your work and efforts you are doing for the patients, their families, nurses and other allied health care professionals.

With my best wishes,





Data: Septembrie 11, 2010

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Dear Viorica Cursaru,
you are almost welcome; I liked it very much beeing with you and the
Romanian patients. It was a good start and I wish you much success...
Best wishes
Nicolaus Kr�ger
Universit�tsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
K�rperschaft des �ffentlichen Rechts
Gerichtsstand: Hamburg



Hi, Viorica.

You should feel very proud of the success of your meeting. Like all the
other speakers, I know that you and your colleagues worked very hard
create a meaningful experience for Romanian patients and their families.
The information provided can now be interpreted in a meaningful fashion by
their doctors.

I hope that you will feel free to let me know if there are other ways in
which I might be of assistance.

All best,

Mark Krueger, MPH
Mark Krueger & Associates, Inc.
New York, USA



Dear Viorica,

as requested I am sending you the receipts for the travel costs.

Also I would like to thank you for the possibility to be in Bucharest.
Both Roman and me hope that everything turned as you planned. We hope that
this is the first of many meetings.

Best wishes,

Rafa� �Zebrowski
Polish Myeloma Patient Help Association


Dear Viorica,

Many thanks for this and it was really a pleasure to meet you and your
colleagues in Bucharest.

Could you send me some of the pictures your assistant made, I would like
to write a short .article. in the EBMT Nurses Group Newsletter.

I am looking forward to work with you and the colleagues, working in the
field of haematology and stem cell transplantation in Romania.

All the best,
Erik Aerts
Past President
EBMT Nurses Group


Dear Viorica
Dear Horia
I herewith want to thank you for your hospitality at the meeting held on
the 9th of September in Bucharest!
On the 12th of September I discussed with my colleagues of the EBMT Nurses
Group Board the proposal to organize a study day for nurses and other
health care professionals in Bucharest, Romania which is received well and
officially now is agreed to proceed with the next steps.
Please could somebody of you give me the contact details of the colleagues
from Novartis in Romania so that we can sure if they are willing to
sponsor this event?
The next step will be to find at date on a Friday, probably in May, June
or October 2011.
Please let me know your thoughts about my suggestions and I am looking
forward to discuss the next steps with you.
With my best wishes from Z�rich,
Erik Aerts
Past President
EBMT Nurses Group


Buna seara,

Va multumesc mult pentru ceea ce ati facut si faceti pentru Asoctiatia de
suflet pentru pacientii cu mielom din Rom/ania.

Sper sa fie un pas mare catre imbunatatirile pe care le dorim si le asteptam
atat noi medicii cat si pacientii.

Cu stima,

Horia Bumbea







Anunt important
Pacientii cu mielom multiplu si insotitorii acestora sunt invitati sa participle la cea de a 7-a Conferinta anuala
a pacientilor cu mielom multiplu din Romania care va avea loc in ziua de 10 octombrie 2015,
intre orele 9:30 – 16:30 la Hotel Majestic din Bucuresti, calea Victoriei 38-40 ( vis-a-vis de Cercul Mlitar National)
Temele principale vor fi :
  • Tratamente noi pentru mielomul multiplu

  • Beneficiile transplantului cu cellule stem

  • Biomarkerii si testele citogenetice in diagnosticarea mielomului multiplu

Prezentarile vor fi facute de medici hematologi din Romania, Spania, Israel si Turcia, precum :
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Coriu, Spitalul fundeni bucuresti

  • Conf.Dr Horia Bumbea, Spitalul Universitar Bucuresti

  • Dr. Zsofia Varady, Spitalul Fundeni

  • Dr, Viola Popov Spitalul Colentina

  • Prof. Dr. Jorge Sierra, Director, Spitalul de Hematologie Barcelona

  • Prof.Dr. Sarper Diller, Spitalul universitar Istanbul

  • Prof. Dr. Irivit Avivi , Spitalul de Hematologie Tel Aviv

  • Prof. Eric Aerts, Spitalul Universitar Zurich.

Conferinta va fi urmata de o sesiune de capacitare a asistentelor medicale care lucreaza in sectile de hematologie.
Masa de pranz precum si pauzele de cafea vor avea loc la Hotelul Majestic pentru localizare pe harta click aici .